Highly-Responsive Corporate IT Support, Consulting And Managed IT Security For Businesses In Dallas

  • Phones answered live for over 20 years. It has always been important to us since day 1.
  • Proven IT support. Uptime is the measure, your office has to function everyday!
  • We speak English.  Plain English. There are a lot of technical terms, we know that is not what you want to hear.
  • We were cloud before cloud was a thing. Businesses with multiple locations have really been in the cloud all along.
  • We show up for work. Dedicated IT Support team means you will not need aspirin to get through the day!
  • Vendor neutral. We work with top vendors in the industry and have great relationships.
David Williams

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7 Reasons to Choose Dallas Computer Service to Support Your Computer Network


We provide bulletproof networks, websites and computers. Focused on manufacturing, construction and wholesale trade companies.


We deliver 1 Call Service. Get things done - you want 1 Call Service! Phones are answered 24/7 by staff ready to assist in resolving any issue you have. We ask for your name instead of an account number because we are friends helping friends.


We think like hackers! We started programming in DOS and understand thinking like hackers to prevent security issues in your office. Cyber security learned by literally fighting off hackers attacking clients! We bring those lessons to your operations delivering smooth results to complex systems. We enable your users to get work done!


Free training. We deliver bite sized lessons, tips and how to information on a weekly basis. Over the course of 12 months this training never required your staff to leave the office. The lessons are universal and timeless!


“Your Software, Your Success Matters” We understand the line of business software you use like Macola, Shoptech, E2, JobbBoss, Zebra, UPS, Fedex, LTL carrier software. Making sure the software works and performs day in and day out is the glue that runs your business. It is easy to change a PC, your software is our focus!


We own our building. We own and operate the company from a single business office. Our reach is very wide and operate with efficiency unmatched by other IT service companies. By owning our building you benefit with knowing we are invested, stable and here to stay. We find this helps our competitive position also and keeps costs contained.


Ransomware Free Backup Guarantee. Our 7 points of protection allows us to state that we will guarantee to clean up and reload the systems on your network at zero cost if our CyberSonar™ ecosystem fails and we cannot restore from a server backup. We will also refund 100% of your most recent service payment.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Less Down Time And Headaches Than The Previous IT Company.

They do not push equipment or software we don’t need – keeps us updated on the latest technology with value in mind. If someone is on the fence about choosing 1 Call Service, give them a try.

Lennie Leuker Partner
Winkelmann Associates

Hands Down The Most Reliable And Fastest Company Ever!

Knowing that you truly care about our business needs but that you also treat like you would your own friends as well.

If you could have an IT firm who responds almost immediately, gets the job done right, treats you with great care and courteousness, why would you look any farther? 1 Call Service is a no brainer!

June Campbell Founder
Pure Phonics, Campbell Academy Online

We Are Not Just A Number Or Company Name, You Know Our Names

We have tried other companies and returned to 1Call Service. We appreciate across the board support and advice. Personalized support and fair pricing is a great benefit!

Peggy Davidson Office Manager
C&M Marine Aviation Services

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