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Less Down Time And Headaches Than The Previous IT Company.

They do not push equipment or software we don’t need – keeps us updated on the latest technology with value in mind. If someone is on the fence about choosing 1 Call Service, give them a try.

Lennie Leuker
Winkelmann Associates

Hands Down The Most Reliable And Fastest Company Ever!

Knowing that you truly care about our business needs but that you also treat like you would your own friends as well.

If you could have an IT firm who responds almost immediately, gets the job done right, treats you with great care and courteousness, why would you look any farther? 1 Call Service is a no brainer!

June Campbell
Pure Phonics, Campbell Academy Online

We Are Not Just A Number Or Company Name, You Know Our Names

We have tried other companies and returned to 1Call Service. We appreciate across the board support and advice. Personalized support and fair pricing is a great benefit!

Peggy Davidson
Office Manager
C&M Marine Aviation Services

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