ATT Outlook Error 553, Continues.

One big happy dysfunctional family called ATT is continuing to wreak havoc on users. It is not clear if they were hacked and won’t admit it or if the system imploded and they won’t admit that either.

What is clear to users is if you run a business and use an address like and access the internet using ATT DSL you will have more trouble than you bargained for.  We assume you have already changed the SSL ports which is why you were able to progress to the 553 relay error.  All ATT DSL accounts have an address like but go to to actually login using the button at the top of the page you will get an error 100% of the time. No need to switch browsers from Firefox to IE that is not the problem.

Here is the error:

You can go to using the same information and login successfully with webmail. I realize you are reading this because you need your Outlook to work and like many don’t want webmail.
This link will help some with basic outlook settings

Searching you may find your self reading the following useless article.

Here is a screen shot, and this info is wrong but keep reading.

In order to stop the error from happening you will have to login to the with your

account. Click on the Mail icon to go to your inbox. On the right will be an “Options” Link.

Next click on “Mail Address” in the center column.

Step 1. Click on “Add” the next prompt is to put in a friendly name. Click “Continue” which is almost hidden in the left corner under everything else but now you know where to find it.

Step 2, add the corporate email account. Click Continue.

Step 3. This the most important step. DON”T ENTER ANYTHING, click “Skip Shis Step”

Step 4. get ready to check your corporate email with Outlook. Click send verification and start checking your email address you entered in step 2. At the bottom of this email you will find the confirmation code. Copy and paste into the browser which is still on the confirmation screen. You will be prompted to enter the att password again and you are done.

Mail will now be allowed to go out under your corporate mail identity. Happy mailing!

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