Blu-ray DVD players win market share

The final end to the DVD player format contest is over. Toshiba and Sony both Japanese based companies have been clamoring for manufacturer support of their competing HD formats. Blu-ray holds more. Sony invested in Blu-ray integration with the popular Play Station 3. Toshiba struggled for support and announced they would no longer be producing products for the format . Consumers have just been confused by the whole affair anyway so this is a good thing. Blu-ray wins which is great for data users of the format but the video market is a different matter.

You would think life is going to be rosy but don’t be to sure. DVD in general is still in a battle for the video market. More and more free video on demand in HD is downloadable straight to your TV from the likes of Time Warner CableVerizon, Netflicks, Amazon, Google and others. Why bother with the DVD? We are in for the eventual death of DVD. The DVD is safe just as the movie theater is safe just as radio is safe.  Who wants to pay each time to watch our favorite movie or have to have subscriptions to watch on demand when we can pop in a DVD at no extra charge.

The DVD’s you already have are going to play in your new Blu-ray DVD player just fine. iTunes would like to see you download the movie instead. The challenge is still how to get that download to the TV since almost no one uses the media center player included on many new computers. More computers are media ready but look around and see how many computers are next to the TV. Right, I thought so. We really get a kick out of seeing laptop manufacturers put cable connections on the laptop like home owners are going to unplug the TV and connect the coax to the laptop. What a total waste of resources! The point here is that there is still some distance to go before it is easy to download and watch shows using computers for the average dad. It is just to easy to drop a DVD into a player and press play or easy to pull up the cable menu and select a movie on demand. It is not as easy for most households and as creatures of habit we like looking through the selections at the video store.

Find a local home theater installation company who can make the path easier and handle the cabling. Then you can decide if dropping a DVD in the player is easier than clicking a download from the internet or your own local video server storage.

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