Windows 10 Professional Network Edition

Windows  has proven to be a good operating system for general business users. Windows 10 has extended network functionality and a new interface. Windows 10 comes with a ‘desktop’ so Windows 7 users will get a feel of ‘a normal windows 7 menu style.’ Windows 10 support, like the operating system comes in several flavors and for business even if you do not have a server the clear choice is to buy pre-installed Windows 10 Professional. It is made for networking, Internet (IOT) access and business users.  Our service center team will train you on better use of your computers without having to sit in classes for 5 days.   Please call today.  25 year old company, Microsoft authorized partner implementing your vision of how your business should work. Phone 9 7 2 – 4 1 8 – 2 0 0 0

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