Blu-ray DVD players win market share

The final end to the DVD player format contest is over. Toshiba and Sony both Japanese based companies have been clamoring for manufacturer support of their competing HD formats. Blu-ray holds more. Sony invested in Blu-ray integration with the popular Play Station 3. Toshiba struggled for support and announced they would no longer be producing products for the format . Consumers have just been confused by the whole affair anyway so this is a good thing. Blu-ray wins which is great for data users of the format but the video market is a different matter. You would think life is going to be rosy but don’t be to sure. DVD in general is still in a battle for the video market. More and more free video on demand in HD is downloadable straight to your TV from the likes of Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Netflicks, Amazon, Google and others. Why bother with the DVD?

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