The release was official February 2008 and the new server improves on some basic features while greatly implementing new capabilities. Microsoft takes of lot of shots about Linux and Open Source but there is no question they provide a platform that has value. When your next server upgrade comes it will be beneficial to hear how the new features will improve your business while hiding the complexity of what the server is doing for you.

Servers are the heart of the business network. All computers access and share files from the servers with some dedicated to specific needs like accounting or marketing. We work with all the top vendors for Servers. Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM/Lenovo and powered INTEL or AMD.

We used to always recommend Dell but found that by purchasing INTEL direct you get a 3 year warranty out of the box without an extra charge. Dell and others usually buy INTEL direct and charge extra for a 3 year warranty at a cost of couple hundred extra dollars per server. We now compare the current offers available from Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo to see what is the best value. We deliver custom INTEL servers, the industry standard. Superior server solutions at a value price. By using INTELor AMD you are buying the industry standard server components and steering clear of proprietary issues.

You won’t have to spend 4 hours trying to figure out the glitzy name brand website and 30 minute offers. We are INTEL Product Dealers and AMD partners giving you a wider range of choices so your company benefits with the very best solution to your server needs. We will clearly show you the best value and then follow through with installation and staff training so you have a reliable computing environment!

The market for servers is moving into multiple core technology which is really good for buyers. What is Dual Core or Quad Core? This can best be explained by thinking about a car. A single engine car is fine but if you could stuff 2 or 4 engines in the same space under the hood then your car would be much more capable. That is the essense of multi-core processor technology driving servers. Stuffing more engines in the same space! This results in a production cost savings so buyers get more power in the same footprint in the computer room or data center.

The opportunity provided by the advances in processors and Windows Server 2008 means your business can consolidate and simplify your network environment while getting the latest software to run your business! Stand alone or virtual servers are just a call away.


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