Managed Services Shake-Up!

Managed Services seemed like the Holy Grail for distributors and IT service companies as everyone wanted to add managed services to their profit picture.  Offering and selling managed services sounds like a great thing and managing your network is important.

If you are a network service provider managing networks for others then you are familiar with the companies barking the most about their services.   Connectwise,  N-Able, Continuim, Level Platforms, Silverback Technologies Kaseya and 1 Call Service are companies in the news. The current but shifting methodology is to place a small computer appliance or software agents at the client site that ping the local network and “phone home” the information to the IT company..  The security appliance or service provides monitoring and reporting for the local network priced by device. This is billed monthly or quarterly.  That sounds great but slick sales presentations do not mean you get good service and support.   Technical experience and software troubleshooting is the Dallas Computer Service difference.  The hardware works pretty good these days, it is connecting it all and making all the software work on the network that is the hard work to be done.

We started in networking as the foundation for operational excellence!!

-Find yourself a good IT consulting firm who will listen and deliver your business solutions that add real value and  process improvement.
We can be reached at 214-741-1411

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