Windows Server 2019 review or not?

It is safe to dive into the new Microsoft Windows server, Windows 2019!

Microsoft has a new server in town. Yes, we realize you did not notice as has been the case for many business people. So decisions are needed, do you review the new server or add another Windows 2012 server to your mix? Let’s start with some summary statements then you can decide if you want to read the rest of this article series.

Windows Server 2019 comes in several flavors, which by now everyone is getting used to full versions and less featured or just plain crippled versions. So if you are using your server behind a firewall and only use file and print service then there isn’t a good reason to move forward unless your server is aging and now is the time you planned to upgrade. If you do not use Microsoft Exchange and don’t plan to then you might not need to upgrade.

We like the new server but approach the subject in a “justify it” approach. If we can’t justify it then we cannot recommend windows server 2019 for the sake of having the latest server in the back office.

Windows Server 2019 comes with significant changes. Ok, if you read this far and decided you are not going to buy a server with windows server 2012 and will stay with Windows 2003-2008 server in spite of security risks then you don’t need to spend any more time reading on the subject..  If you want a solid team to help update and improve your business then please keep reading.

We will greatly simplify the Windows Server 2019 offering. Microsoft has review documents on their site and the “short version” is only 100+ pages long. We do not consider that a short version.  We break it down to 1 or 2 pages.

Breat it Down! Summary feature with commentary.

Setup. The server uses the updated install routine with the ability to read raid drivers from USB drives instead of floppies. Anyone want to buy a stack of old floppies? Microsoft has a server core install only option with a command line management console which pretty well keeps users from meddling with the server.

Server Roles. Configuring services from the new server manager is a breeze as Microsoft has added lots of explanations for what things do and this will help administrators learn about the server features like hyperv and remote desktop services publishing.

Copying Files. Copying files has been improved but still won’t do much for Windows 7 users if you still have old computers around. Microsoft updated the SMB (file copying) protocol which means multiple connections and instructions happen simultaneously.

IIS A new version of web server. Improved hosting of applications and lowering costs.

Security. Network access protection.  This is improved but with the new network stack included will it be more secure? You still need 3rd party IT support. Pinging IPv6 addresses is not the same old ping.

Active Directory. Improved ability to delegate who can manage services. It is more complicated but a good team can make it very simple for average users to manage things once only dreamed about.  That is where Dallas Computer Service can come in and help with compliance, group management and security.

Virtualization. Virtual machine support is now built in but we prefer VMware since the integration services still have limited guest operating systems support. Enough said.

We told you this was going to be brief with 100 plus pages boiled down to just a few.  The new server has an emphasis on security and seems stable from the community buzz just don’t upgrade until your life cycle plan says to upgrade.  Most companies should go for 2019 and SBS users should really consider which version is best in the new server product lineup from Microsoft along with Office 365.  We are authorized Microsoft partners helping companies migrate up.

Please contact us at your convenience for no obligation consult.  972-418-2000

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